Weekend Japanese lesson                :Learn and Enjoy

This Japanese Lesson is offered as a part of our Teacher Training course.

Japanese teachers and trainees will observe the lessons.


As mentioned above, normally 3-hour Silent Way class is 7,000 yen, but this time it's ONLY 1,000 yen! (1,000 yen for two days of classes, for a total of 5.5 hours)

※including some coffee/tea and snacks during the break time.


KAI Japanese Language School

1 Chome-15-18 Shin-okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072, Japan

The class time:
Sep 15th (Sat) 11:00AM~2:00PM
Sep 16th (Sun) 2:00PM~4:30PM
(Because the class will be taught as a set of 2-days, please attend both dates. You cannot attend only one day.)



Explanation of the teaching approach "the Silent Way":
In our classes, students learn to produce native speaker-like sounds and establish a clear understanding of the basic structures of the language. We do not give lecture-style classes since the know-how rather than knowledge of the language has to be acquired. Close contact with the 'spirit of the language' through production rather than memorization of words and phrases is emphasized. Our approach also enhances our students' awareness so that they will become autonomous learners who eventually be able to improve their Japanese on their own.



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