A Silent Way  Workshop: become a better learner and ​a better teacher

A Silent Way Teacher Training  Workshop: to become a better learner and ​a better teacher 


​Instructor: Donald Cherry

​May 06, (Wed./Holiday), 2015

10:00 – 17:00   (including 1-hour lunch break) 


How can we effectively subordinate teaching to learning in class without using the charts and rods traditionally used in the Silent Way?


★We are going to explore a wide variety of ideas and activities.

★We’d like to offer some of the participants a special discount on the course fee if they are willing to share any demonstrations of activities they may be doing in their classes. In addition, a special discount is available to those  participating in the English the Silent Way workshop.


The students will participate in activities not previously introduced in previous workshops. The activities will NOT make use of the tools usually associated with

the Silent Way, such as rods and charts, but they will represent, to varying degrees, underlying Silent Way ideas. The class will also briefly discuss the activities and the Silent Way ideas they represent. It is believed this activity will be of benefit to the following groups for the reasons described:


☆Language students, for the language learning

☆Language teachers new to the Silent Way, for the Silent Way inspired activities

that they may find easier to use initially in their classes 

☆Language teachers familiar with the Silent Way, for the discussion of theory


***Time can also be set aside for teachers who would like to work with the class in the Silent Way, with or without traditional Silent Way teaching materials.


【About the Course Leader】

Donald Cherry has a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from the School for International Training . He has been teaching English using the Silent Way for more than 20 years. He currently teaches English at Hiroshima International University.



Kai Japanese Language School


Miyuki Building 2F 1-15-18 Okubo Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Please refrain from calling KAI Japanese Language School.

( to inquire call/email Yasuda, The Silent Way Tokyo)


【Deadline for application 】

Applications will not be accepted after the maximum number of participants (15) has registered.


【Application & Payment 】

Please fill out the on-line form or apply by email to our address mentioned below.

Please write:

1. name  2. furigana or your name in kanji

3.telephone # to be called on the day/days of the workshop 4. E-mail address  6. your job

7. how you learned of the workshop

8. the date(s) in case you’d like to attend The English the Silent Way

!!! Please mention ‘the Silent Way workshop’ in the title of your email message



!!! Please remit the fee after you receive the confirmation from us.

!!! We will issue a receipt on request.



 7,000yen(3,500yen for college and high-school students))

 6,000yen for those who participate the whole English the Silent Way

 5,000yen for those who are going to offer the demonstration

⇒【To inquire and apply】

The Silent Way Tokyo

E-mail: sw.tokyo.info@gmail.com

Tel: 080-6819-3632  Fax: 03-6802-3314


【To contact us on the day(s ) of the workshop】

Please call 080-6819-3632 (Yoko Yasuda)


【For further information】

Gattegno Approach / The Silent Way Tokyo

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SWTokyo

WEBSITE: http://silentway-tokyo.jimdo.com/ (renewed)



★★★We’d appreciate it very much if you could kindly circulate this information to whomever you think would be interested in the workshop.


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