Weekend Japanese Sound Clinic and Silent Way Intensive Course

<Japanese the Silent Way>
Students will work to improve their production of Japanese sounds.
They will do this by practicing these sounds and receiving constant feedback on their production from the instructor. Students will use all tools available to them, including their ears, eyes and mouth, to develop their own inner criteria so that they may become more independent and more effective learners.
00~1600 (lunch 12:00 - 13:00)
 Japanese Sound Clinic 10:00 ~12:00
  Japanese lesson 13:00 -16:00


How much Japanese have you spoken in previous Japanese classes?

In this class you will not be pressured to memorize words and sentences, and you will not feel stressed trying to learn difficult grammar terms, either.
 We think that it is important to acquire Japanese pronunciation and rhythm.

Therefore it is necessary for you to speak a lot. 


As the learner explores the language through trial and error, the instructor observes the learner and provides appropriate direction. 
The students' learning comes first and the instructor assists them in their efforts.

You will not use a textbook in this class.
We will guide your work on pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar with charts and other tools. 
This will help you practice and concentrate on all aspects of speaking. 
The group lesson helps you to improve your speaking in an enjoyable way.


All levels can be accomodated



1000~1600 (lunch 12:00 - 13:00)
 Japanese Sound Clinic 10:00 ~12:00
  Japanese lesson 13:00 -16:00

Full course (10 hours)  
 : 25,000 yen)
Sound Clinic only ( 4 hours ) : 11,000 yen


For more information, email Yoko Yasuda at sw.tokyo.info@gmail.com
(Please refrain from calling Classes de Francais)

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