Special workshops by Dr.Roslyn Young: "On Learning" and "English the Silent Way"

 a BIG NEWS for 2019 from Silent Way Tokyo
We are very happy to announce that Dr Roslyn Young is coming to Tokyo to lead workshops on the Gattegno Approach (the Theory) and English the Silent Way in March!!! 
the themes will be:
  (the THEORY)  
Would you like to join these intriguing workshops?
>>>to teachers at schools and other institutions:
Gattegno states that the aim of good teaching is to make students independent, autonomous and responsible. This is based on his approach elegantly expressed as 'the subordination of teaching to learning'.
What he tells us here is what is essential for education in Japan. That is, to promote individualized learning to fit each child's ability and personality, and collaborative learning where children can teach and learn among themselves.
click to more details written by Roslyn( English is below of the page)
>>>to those who are interested in their own learning and the development of others
Gattegno says that 'learning is to become aware'. We will train our ability to observe our daily life in detail, so that it will enhance our ability to become aware. We will also explore how our awareness will affect others.
click to more details written by Roslyn ( English is below of the page)
During the mid-twentieth century, Caleb Gattegno, originator of the Silent Way, proposed an educational approach that can maximize on the learning ability that is endowed in everybody.
He wrote many books and papers on teacher training. His model is concerned not only with school education, but also  how we can develop ourselves in the society.
Dr. Roslyn Young studied under C. Gattegno from 1980 to 1988 (1988?) in France. She wrote her doctoral thesis on Gattegno's model and its relevance to his work in language teaching. She has published approximately 30 articles on teaching and the Silent Way. She remains active in teacher training, teaching,and materials development.
1)English Workshop  (2 days / 15 hours)
We are going to learn how to produce English sounds from a new and unique point of view.This practice will give us the opportunity to maximize our own learning abilities.
Dates and Times: 
March 16, 17 (Sat. & Sun.), 2019 
9:30 ~ 17:30  (including 1-hour lunch break)
KAI Japanese Language School (Shin-okubo)
(the details of the place will be provided later)
Fee:<<attending only the English workshop>>
28,000 yen (for two days)   
 (25,200 yen if applying by Feb.20)
15,000 yen /day
Those who have never participated in a Silent Way language workshop are asked to join from the first day.
2) Theory Workshop/"on LEARNING" with the GATTEGNO APPROACH (3 days /20 hours)                                                 
Through observing our learning we will deepen our understanding of Gattegno's concepts on the essential learning of human beings.
***This workshop will be led in English, however translation help will be available.
Dates and Times:
 March 21 (Thurs./Holiday) & 23 & 24 (Sat. & Sun.), 2019
 9:30 ~ 17:30  (including 1-hour lunch break)
 ( ※ ~ 16:30  on the 24th)
 KAI Japanese Language School
 on the 23 & 24 at Kai Japanese Language School (Shin-okubo)
(※ only on the day one, At Takushoku University in Myogadani,the details of the place will be provided later)
Fee:<<attending only the Theory workshop>>
44,000 yen for the 3-day course
 (39,600 yen if applying by Feb.20)
15,000 yen /day if fewer than 3 days.
 (13,500 yen if applying by Feb.20)
>>>Special price when applying for both workshops<<<
65,000 yen
( for both the English and the Theory)
 (10% discount will be applied here if applying by Feb.20)
Please fill out this on-line form,or apply by email or facsimile to our address below.
***please mention 'the Silent Way workshop' in the title of your email message.
Please write:
1. the date(s) you'd like to attend:
a)the whole course b) Mar.16 c) Mar.17 d) Mar.21 e)Mar.23 f)Mar.24
2. name 
3. telephone number we can reach you at on the day/days of the workshop
4. email address
5. your occupation
6. how you learned of this workshop
7. If you are a student, the name of your school (the discount is applied to high school and university students)


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